Validating XML records and validating input, how to proceed ?

WebQuery posts forms to an XML data base. To be honest, the Oracle data base exists of tables with just a few columns. The most important is a CLob (Character Large Object) containing the actual XML record. The only real reason we put it in an Oracle table at this time is, because we make use of SQL Text Retrieval to get the stuff out. So we don't use Oracle at all to do any record validation or constraint checking. We are happy with this, because we want to be independent of proprietary data base features. Before posting the record, the XML is validated against its schema. We have two problems with this. The first problem is, that this validation is done at the server side. Often this is not very user friendly and we do additional javascript validation at the client level. The second problem is, that the schema language does not have sufficient validation syntax. What we need is something like schematron. However, this is not widely used yet.

An issue related with this is the generation of forms for updating and modifying XML records. We have a lot of them and up until now they have mostly been developed one by one. It would be most efficient to make them automagically, based on the schema. Schema is not suited for this either and I guess schematron is also insufficient.

At this moment we are working on XML files that provide the information to build forms automatically using general XSL style sheets. We are looking at how to avoid definitions to be redundantly defined. For example: At this moment field enumerations are defined in the schema. However, they are also defined in a data base, so they can be easily edited. We definitely have to come up with a more consistent architecture for this. It is not as if we are the only ones in this world that are trying to solve this problem, are we ?