What is WebQuery ?

WebQuery is the name of an interface that easily enables searching a XML database via a SRU (Search and retrieve by URL) like interface. It also enables you to update the records in the database via a form. It is the basis of our new Library Content Management System and it is developed by the application development and management department of Wageningen University and Research Library.

We started with WebQuery in 1994. It's first version was ready in february 1995. It started off as an interface to search Minisis databases, a relational database management system for documentary databases, running on HP3000's. It still works with this DBMS and also with a newer version 9 of Minisis running on windows servers. At the moment we are developing a version that will also work with Oracle databases. We do not use a lot of Oracle specific tools. We want it to work with any database that can handle XML well. We are now developing for a Linux server environment.

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